We take pride in our craftmanship. Every inch of the way. From the initial design phase to the dispatch of the finished product. Because we care about every step of the process, no matter how small or big. Our bikes are built to last.

Simplicity & functionality

High quality, with an innovative mind-set, is the trademark of BODY BIKE®. We embrace the Scandinavian design tradition of simplicity and functionality. And we express it through the construction and customisation of our indoor bikes.

Our knowledge and experience combined with a unique sense of detail are all reflected in our products. Our path, the direction we have chosen is our own; we strive to set new standards, not to be equal with what is available, but to have something ‘awesome’.


Solid and honest cycling experience.

Especially one distinctive and revolutionary design feature makes BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycles stand out from the crowd: our indoor cycles are closed cycles. The side covers protect the cyclist from the rotating flywheel, they preserve the inner components ensuring high durability and low maintenance, and they present the cycles elegantly and approachable. The three P’s: Protect, Preserve, Present are fundamental aspects in all other design aspects of BODY BIKE®’s indoor bikes. Safety distance between the handles, emergency brake, special designed unbreakable pedal arm and high stability ensured by the bottom frame with rubber feet are all aspects that ensures a safe product protecting the user from injuries. The use of high quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and plastic compositions processed to enhance the wanted material property provides a highly reliable product with durability suitable for the tough indoor cycling environment. The presentation is not only about the looks, but also about the feel of the product. Details like the SMART Release adjustments, the Wave bottle holder, no play in posts, the stretch plate and the fact the high quality bearings combined with the belt provides a smooth thread are all aspects that support the feeling the users gets of the product – a solid and honest cycling experience.


Throughout the years BODY BIKE® has built a comprehensive worldwide network of reliable and hardworking distributors. The distributors handle all sales and marketing in the respective countries. BODY BIKE® offers individual support to each distributor in whatever particular area it may be needed.


Indoor bikes are what we do and what we are good at. We are a small and focused company. Therefore we work with strategic partners. They are specialists, professionals and craftsmen in their specific field and line of work. They share their knowledge with us. They help us improve. Always on the lookout for new solutions, they keep us moving forward. We do not want to do it all, but we realize that our indoor cycles are part of a much bigger context. To exploit all options within this context focus on strategic partners is important.

BODY BIKE® International is a leading manufacturer of indoor bikes. We have a 20-year track record of creating the best indoor bikes. And still we strive to make it better in our factory in the north of Denmark. Where we build each and every bike by hand.

Core Business Values

BODY BIKE® is based on reliability - both BODY BIKE® as a company and BODY BIKE®’s products are reliable. Our focus is solely on indoor cycles and the close relationship to both sub-suppliers, distributors and strategic partners are highly valued and the basis of BODY BIKE®’s success.



BODY BIKE®’s production is well-planned and extremely flexible. Main part of our sub-suppliers are local and we work closely together with them. This close relationship is one of the ground pillars in our flexible production. The bikes are generally produced by order. This gives BODY BIKE® the possibility of quick delivery of customized cycles. The ability to deliver the bikes when they are needed in the club is highly treasured

Worldwide distributors

All indoor cycling manufacturer claims that they provide a bike which can withstand the harsh indoor cycling environment. Fact is that BODY BIKE® indoor bikes really CAN. Not only the first year, but many years to come. Over the years the fitness clubs only need to use a minimum on maintenance and will experience minimal down-time on their bikes. They will have a reliable product. This means that BODY BIKE® has the highest return of investment on the market.

Strategic partnerships

Indoor bikes are what we do and what we are good at. We have optimized the flexible production and logistics ensuring a short delivery time to the end customer. We are able to customize the cycles in a range of colours with customers’ choice of pedal and saddle. We can even offer private branding by adding a print or a logo to the service hatch. For larger orders we are able to make special designs with golden pedal arms, custom colour top cover or a specially designed handlebar. The flexibility of our production and close relationships with sub-suppliers allow us to carry this service to our customers – a unique service not offered by any other manufacturer of indoor bikes.