BODY BIKE is committed to continuous improvement, constantly enhancing both the BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling app and the firmware within SMART+ bikes. With the release of app version 2.2.0, we’ve included a new firmware upgrade that improves the cycling experience.

BODY BIKE SMART+ bikes are equipped with a precision load cell that meticulously measures power and cadence. The new firmware incorporates an advanced algorithm that meticulously filters data from the load cell, ensuring unwavering wattage readings. This refinement makes it effortless to maintain your desired Colour Intensity Zone during workouts.

Start the app, select connect to devices, start pedaling to find your bike, select the bike and the app will start updating the firmware


Update to the latest app version (2.2.0): Start your journey to an enhanced cycling experience by updating the BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling App to version 2.2.0. This ensures you have access to the latest features and improvements that will elevate your workouts.

Automatic Firmware Update: The magic happens the next time you hop on your BODY BIKE SMART+. The app seamlessly initiates an automatic firmware update for your bike, taking your cycling experience to the next level. The process is simple — the app prompts you to pedal for the next 5-10 seconds, and your firmware is updated.


This major update contains all-new colour display features, more live data, new rewards in the achievements system and an all-new club 100 level.

The colour display feature lets you personalize your app, and choose between five invigorating colours; Galactic green, Outrageous orange, Blazing blue, Black attack or Glorious gray.

Get all the details of your workout instantly with our new live data feature. All the data is now available on the screen when you work out - making it easier to tweak every inch of your performance to the max.

Explore the new reward medals in the achievement system and compete in the all-new, club 100 level. Become a Hero or even a member of Club 100 if you have what it takes. The new achievement system provides you with titles, medals and levels. Brutal challenges that push and motivate. Achieve lifetime titles and weekly medals.

Start your quest for the perfect ride with the new BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling App. Just download it and go, no account needed, no data collected. It’s all about your ride.


The BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling App is an app to monitor your personal performance.

Developed by BODY BIKE® for the SMART+ indoor bike. Connect to your SMART+ via Bluetooth and use your smartphone to display your performance.

BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling App provides indoor cyclists with a powerful tool to monitor their performance during and after workouts. Displaying power/watts, % FTP, heart rate, cadence, distance, and calories burned – current, average, and maximum values. A real motivating factor.

With the BODY BIKE® Colour Intensity Zones, it’s easy for the instructor to guide the class and construct a target training experience for the entire class. Adding colour to the zones makes it visually easier to determine if you’re in the correct zone. It’s a motivating display of data intended for all indoor cyclists riding the BODY BIKE® SMART+.


We respect your right to privacy therefore we do not collect your data. It’s all yours. 

Your bike.
Your ride.
Your phone.
Your data.

Storage of training data, personal settings, etc. will only be stored on the user's own device. That means when you download BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling App it is ready to use, no account is needed. It also means that if you delete our app, your data will be lost. Therefore, we recommend that you use the built-in upload to Strava function when you need to save or transfer your data.


After a workout, you can upload your complete performance, with distance and speed, to your Strava account.

The function "Upload to Strava" can be found under the workout you want to upload.

Get started with the app by getting a quick overview of the basic features in the Quick Guide below:


To view the Privacy Policy for BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app, click here.


  • Easy Bluetooth connection to BODY BIKE® SMART+.
  • Keep track of your indoor cycling workouts. All workouts are saved in the app.
  • Upload your complete performance data to your STRAVA account.
  • Colour intensity zones make it visually easy to instruct and follow a workout.
  • Find your FTP with the easy 5-minute FTP test.
  • Take the VO2 max test to determine your VO2 max and FTP.
  • Switch between POWER, %FTP and %MHR by tapping the gauge.
  • Become the best and earn medals in the achievement system.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors.
  • Metric and imperial units.
  • Multiple languages.


  • Simplified workout overview
  • Get a total view of all your live data
  • New intensity zone overview; get a detailed percentage of time spent in each zone in your workout.
  • Choose between five invigorating colours
  • Two new levels and more requirements in the achievement system.
  • The medal period is now one week


You can now become a skilled rider or even an elite rider if you have what it takes. The new achievement system, which is now included in the BODY BIKE app v. 1.6, provides you with titles and medals. Brutal challenged is what you can expect, and it is not everyone who can claim every title. Achieve lifetime titles and weekly medals, compare and be the best among your friends.


The achievement system contains 5 titles and 3 medals. Earn every title but be aware nothing comes easy. Every title contains 3 challenges, which gets harder along the way. 1 challenge could be “Burn 5000 kcal” another could be “15% red zone in 1 workout”. If you have what it takes to complete all 3 challenges, you will gain the title. You will have each title for a lifetime.


The big difference from the title is that you can gain a medal every 14 days. The 3 medals are bronze, silver and gold. These medals are different from each other in their difficulty. To gain a gold medal you have to work harder than if you want a bronze or silver medal. To gain a medal you also have to complete 3 challenges.


Here you can find a short interface description of the achievement system.

The first part of the achievement system that you encounter is the front screen graphic. If you haven’t achieved any achievement jet, this will not appear on your front screen. This tells you about your title, your FTP and if you have a bronze, silver or gold medal.

To get further into the achievement system you either have to click on the graphic or click the menu icon and then those level.

At this page, you get a lot of information. First of all, you get introduced to your current level. This could be 1 of the 5 different levels. Secondly, you will notice the colour of the edge and just like in the front screen this tells you about which medal you have, either a bronze, silver or gold. In this situation, you are a skilled rider with a silver medal. If the graphic is without colour and the lock in the top right corner is locked, then you haven’t acquired the title or medal jet.

Just underneath the graphic, tree different challenges are what you will see. You must complete these in order to achieve the title or medal.

I the bottom of the screen other levels and medals are listed. Just slide your finger to the right or left to get an overview. Choose the gold medal and the gold medal page will appear. In this situation the gold medal is not acquired jet and as you see it is because of the last challenge “AVG speed 33km/h in 1 workout” which not completed. Next to this challenge, you see a counter which tells you your current stage.

Every 14 days the medals will be cleared and 3 new challenged will appear in each of the medals (Bronze, silver and gold). This will also mean if you have achieved a bronze medal the counter in the top right corner of the medal will be increased by 1.

How to download and connect to your BODY BIKE® smart+


The BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app is developed for the BODY BIKE SMART®+ indoor bike. Use your smartphone to display the training data during workout. Connect to your indoor bike by Bluetooth®.

BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app provides users with a powerful tool to monitor their performance during workout and after. Displaying power/watts, %FTP, heart rate, cadence, distance and calories burned – current, average and maximum values. It features Colour Intensity Zones which makes it easier to guide the class as well as to target your training. Adding colour to the zones, makes it visually easier to determine if you’re in the correct zone during your workout. It is a motivating display of data intended for all indoor cyclists using the BODY BIKE SMART+ indoor bike.

The video will guide you how to download and connect.