Warranty for the Danish manufactured BODY BIKE Indoor Cycle:A two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, excluding normal wear and tear, is given for the load cell, brake unit, flywheel and pulley. A three-year warranty is given on the crank, and a five-year warranty is given against frame breakage. The generator has a one-year warranty. A life-time warranty is given against breakage of the pedal arm. * Any part not mentioned above is not covered by warranty. This means that consumable items (including, but not limited to, the SMART Release handles, the Poly V-belt, brake pad, handlebar rubber, saddle and the silicone gen-erator wheel) which are subject to continuous wear and tear, are not covered by warranty. There is currently no warranty applying to the pedals.The warranty covers failures as a result of a manufacturing fault and occurred during normal use. It does not ex-tend to faults resulting from misuse, abuse, damage incurred during loading, transportation or improper storage, or where the indoor cycle has been used other than as recommended by BODY BIKE, or modified without BODY BIKE’s consent. The cycles are made for indoor use in a well-ventilated room. Do not place the cycles outdoors or in a high humidity environment like near a swimming pool. The warranty only applies to cycles equipped with original BODY BIKE spare parts. All warranties are cancelled if the cycle has been modified or in any way not used as intended. Over time sunlight and other environmental impacts will affect the plastic and rubber parts. Hardened rubber, faded colours or other issues caused by environmental impacts are not covered by any warranties.* The warranty does not cover powder coating or thread.