Indoor bikes are your key to enjoying the increasingly popular sport of indoor cycling. In addition to the features of regular fitness bikes and spin bikes, including full adjustability to fit each rider, indoor bikes let you track and monitor your power output, pedaling cadence, heart rate, and more.

Indoor cycling offers a number of health and fitness benefits while eliminating many of the drawbacks of outdoor cycling.

  • Build strength
  • Improve cardiovascular performance
  • Burn calories

Why choose Body Bike

Developed in Denmark, BODY BIKE® is the product of a team of dedicated enthusiasts whose goal is to design and build the ultimate indoor bike. The result is an indoor bike that offers a remarkable combination of features and benefits that makes it the obvious choice for anyone who does their research.


The BODY BIKE® design is simple because that’s the way we like it. But also because simplicity equals durability, low maintenance and a longer life span. All the mechanicals are protected from dust and sweat behind a sleek, customizable enclosure.


BODY BIKEs are ready to quickly adjust to your prefered riding position with easy-to-use Smart Releases for the seat and handlebars. You can easily set resistance, switch positions while riding with multiple grip options – including tri-bar stems – and use cycling shoes or regular training shoes with the two-sided pedals.


With Bluetooth, BLE and ANT+ connectivity, and built-in USB charger and SmartDock for your devices, you’re all set to use the BODY BIKE® indoor cycling app, or connect to a wide variety of other apps and devices, including Strava, Zwift, cycling computers and cameras.

Environmental Responsibility

BODY BIKE® participates in the Danish initiative “Klimabevidst Virksomhed” (CO2 Conscious Company). The goal is to reduce the amount of energy used within the company. This is an ongoing responsibility and BODY BIKE® encourages everyone to take part in the reduction of CO2 emission.