One of the things you might notice about your BODY BIKE is that there are no weak links.

From the cast iron flywheel to the comfortable saddle, your ride is guaranteed to be awesome every time. 

Here's some of the best features BODY BIKE has – and you might not even notice them because they just work. 

1. Handlebars: Powder-coated stainless steel, wave bottle holder, black aluminum aerobars. 

Fully customizable settings to fit every type of ride and every type of rider. Plus you get two convenient locations to store your water bottles.

2. Saddle: Shock-absorbing, unisex, double-density

4-way custom settings to ensure every rider gets a comfortable ride. 

3. Posts: Anodized aluminum saddle and front posts

Easy to adjust with no finicky knobs or pins. This also makes it easy to switch between riders with minimal effort. 

4. Frame: Powder-coated stainless steel

Strong, Sturdy, and Stable - this frame is able to withstand your toughest rides.

5. Service Hatches: 4-point magnetic closure for easy access

Branding is the name of the game in studios. Your BODY BIKE can be fully customized to match your studio.

6. Drivetrain: Poly-V and Kevlar belt

The most resilient material means that this part isn't going to get worn out after a few rides. It's strong and long-lasting.

7. Resistance System: Direct pressure with a Kevlar brake pad

This method has been perfected over the years to give you a silent brake, and the feeling of applying pressure, just like a road cycle, cant' be beat. 

8. Stabilizers: Stainless steel mounts, shot-blasted, primed, and powder-coated for extra strength

There will be no wobbly rides here! Try out your most gruelling ride and see how the BODY BIKE can match your strength. Rattling parts won't distract you from your workout.