Life is too short for grey zones. Life is too complex for blacks and whites. Variation. Individuality. Paradoxes. Shades. Colour explosions. That is what life is all about and that is why BODY BIKE® indoor cycles come in a variety of colours. Select the color that matches your club decor. See the range of colors for each BODY BIKE® model here: BODY BIKE SMART+BODY BIKE SMARTBODY BIKE ConnectBODY BIKE Supreme, and BODY BIKE Classic (SS) .

If your club doesn’t stand out. Don’t blame us.

Life is too short for mediocrity. Don’t just go with the flow. Don’t melt into the wallpaper. Stand out. Cause a stir. Be different. Get a full service hatch cover with the exact artwork of your dreams. Create a special design and make the cycle one of a kind. Infinity and imagination are the buzzwords here. Want a colorful artwork?

...we can do it.

Get your own full cover print on a BODY BIKE® Classic.
For inspiration take a look at the BODY BIKE® Design Cover.

Brand your bike
Brand the BODY BIKE® Supreme or BODY BIKE® Connect service hatch with an artwork of your choice. Choose your own club logo or offer the opportunity to a sponsor. There is an infinite amount of possibilities. BODY BIKE® is the only producer of indoor cycles that offers you this unique possibility to achieve personal branding through our cycles. Contact your local distributor to hear more or sent your logo directly to BODY BIKE® and we will show you your opportunities.

Do you want to spice up your indoor cycles…
… but already have fully functional BODY BIKE®s with no intention of replacing them just yet? Look no further. BODY BIKE® offers the possibility of replacing just the service hatches of your Supreme or Connect with pre-fitted labels. The design is printed on a customized foil and carefully applied to the service hatch at the factory in Denmark. Pick your favourite design from our permanent range. Check out your design options here