It is possible to get even more out of your BODY BIKE indoor cycle by upgrading it with a BODY BIKE Performance. The BODY BIKE Performance is a wireless console displaying your performance right in front of you on the handlebar. The console is compatible with most heart rate transmitters, e.g. Polar and Garmin. BODY BIKE recommends the use of BODY BIKE ANT+ heart rate transmitter which can be bought separately. The BODY BIKE Performance is ANT+ certified.

You choose how to explore and use the possibilities offered by the BODY BIKE Performance. Upgrade your bike at home and use the data as a motivating factor, or upgrade the bikes in the club enabling the instructor to vary the classes. Start by adding your individual settings and the console will use this to provide you with percentage of your max heart rate and calories. Perform interval training in relation to your max heart rate - this will provide you with efficient training that improves you personal fitness level. In a club the instructor can use percentage of max heart rate to guide a larger class to individual training. Calories and calories burned per hour is a great way to set a goal for a weight loss class. Keep an eye on the cadence - it will help beginners keep the pace of the music and trained athletes to go the distance. Go to screen 2 on the console to see a total distance. At all times you will see the total training time at the top right corner of the console. Pause the time if you need a drink of water. At the end of you training, scroll to screen 3 on the console and see your average cadence, average heart rate and max heart rate summarized for the workout. It allows you to compare your current training with your previous training and enables you to track your progress.

Install the BODY BIKE Performance console and the small speed transmitter in less than 10 minutes. All you need is included in the box. Attach the speed sensor to the frame, click the magnet onto the flywheel spoke, mount the console on the handle bar and you are ready to go.

See more about the installation in the manual. The manual will also be included in the box.

Feel like getting even more data? Take a look at the BODY BIKE Connect, Smart or Smart+ Indoor Cycles. These bikes reveal your performance through a watt output using cutting-edge technology to obtain highly accurate measurements.